Jon Samp

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👋 Hi! I'm a developer and designer at Expo. I love creating quality user experiences with JavaScript, React Native, and Expo. You can find me on GitHub, Dribbble, and Twitter. Also, there's a list of my side-projects and packages below. Thanks for stopping by! More...

The fastest and easiest way to check if a word is playable in the game of Scrabble.

Single Origin 2

Learn to brew specialty coffee with step by step instructions, calculations, and timers. Now on iPhone and iPad.

Practice and review coding anywhere in five minutes, built with Expo. Apple App Store “App of the Day”, June 3, 2019.

Codecademy Go Cast

A podcast about building and maintaining Codecademy Go.


Takes a regular SVG, optimizes it with SVGO, then creates an Expo-friendly SVG JS file for React Native.

Single Origin

Learn to brew specialty coffee.


Find a variety of streak metrics from a list of dates.